August 2018: I had returned from Business Mastery Las Vegas with additional clarity, road-map, and conviction of my purpose and life decision.

Solidified and non-negotiable on many levels.

I returned to work and met with my manager to address/provide a response to an opportunity for me to move to Chile, Santiago to provide Enterprise Architecture support on an on-site/solely dedicated level.

My response was, without hesitation and 100% clarity, “I don’t plan to be here in the next 12-18 months. My answer is no. I may have dug myself an early grave and I know what my path is.” Our conversation continued. All positive and with curiosity.

That day, I can picture me striking a match and tossing it on a ship that I was on. I had set it ablaze! I will share what happened next at the tail end of November.

Know your purpose! Visualize the YOU that you can be! Map it out! Listen to YOU and surround yourself with trusted advisers, friends, and models who are ALREADY doing/excelling! Show the non-serving “advice” of people and bogus chatter your mental EXIT sign...again and again. Go ALL IN!

Are you ready? Strike that match and set the ship ablaze!! It is TIME!