So? Which one are you? Play with me on this one. E = Everything! All the exits.

Lower case “ia” = This is the common denominator of your “i am” declaration. Common in the sense that it reflects unexamined and default ways of being. “I guess I am…” “I am doing what I was told I should do.” “I am that way cause of my family.” There is no real YOU in this common denominator. And so, everything (E) you (ia) experience is a default common “life”.

Now… Upper case “IA” = This is the original denominator of your “I AM” declaration. Original in the sense that it is ALL YOU and NO ONE like you as a result of examined and choice-based way of being. “I chose to be….” “I AM doing it because I know that it is right for ME.” “I came from my family and I AM because of my choices.” ∆ represents constant change. Your I AM is in constant change because you are GROWING! Evolving! Transforming! The constant changing original denominator is ALL OF YOU! Declared by YOU for YOU and constantly changing as a result of YOUR choices. And so, everything (E) you (∆AI) experience is an original declared full living “LIFE”! Okay… so? Which are you?