We cannot always control the events in our lives.

We can always make an effort to influence and even then the event itself is still not 100% in our control.

What is available is the opportunity to control our responses and actions to the events.

Does this mean we take the position to be subject to the events without having an active and evolved purpose that drive the massive actions for the results we want in our lives?

Absolutely not!

What this DOES mean is that you have the absolute capacity and capability to control how you choose to manage what life throws at you.

Life is happening TO me – “I don’t know why this always happens. I don’t know what to do and can’t take it! Why does this always happen to me?!?!?”

Life is happening FOR me – “This is not what I wanted or expected. Ok, what resources can I leverage, capabilities exercise to navigate this situation, and what thoughts can I invoke to find the higher purpose in what has happened?”

Anchor into a purposeful or perhaps a few that are your “go to” questions to give you access in exercising choice-based responses and actions.

This is how and where you can find CONTROL.