Meet my mom!

An absolutely beautiful woman inside and out.

I’m blessed to have her blood pulsing through my veins, be of her DNA, subject to her wisdom, modeled grit, faith, and most of all loved by her.

One of the many memories I have as a young boy growing up in East Los Angeles, the barrio, were the following words she said with conviction.

“We did not come to this country to take handouts! We are fully healthy and abled!”

This was in response to the idea of going on government assistance….welfare.

What that memory modeled for me is that decisions, not the conditions of our lives, determine our destiny.

Her words and ACTIONS, like many others she’s shared/modeled throughout my life, have shaped me.

This has shown up as “I can! I will!” in many areas of my life.

Our lives will continue to present us with conditions and the opportunity at hand is our powerful choice of decision.

Here’s the question “Are you or have you been living your life driven by conditions or by decisions?”

You can choose, right NOW, to shape the path of your life by your decision instead of the conditions of your life shaping your path.