How many times have you been “cut off” while driving to your destination? What was the outcome of the emotion following your decision…your conclusion that you were really “cut off”?

Did you get angry, honk repeatedly, curse, and perhaps showed that person a friendly hand gesture.

What was the residue of that event throughout your day?

What is available is setting yourself up to see, hear, and feel this situation with a sense of emotional harmony.

How about the next time you get "cut off" you fake sneeze loudly then say “Bless me!”? Or perhaps you can say “I’m creating access to help that person’s immediate need!”

Can you put something in play that’ll disrupt your existing tendency when "cut off"?

And, “cut off” can be a metaphor for many other events you encounter over a day.

A contentious meeting. A difficult call to make. Encountering someone who’s not your biggest fan.

Whatever those events are, mentally rehearse the thought that will bring you emotional harmony.

Over and over again.

Soon, you’ll develop a sense of familiarity and will be able to confidently apply when “cut off” events present itself.