We are already born with the natural ability to express our wants and needs with truth. Our emotional truth.

Our education/learning environment, in most cases, supports the notion that some emotions are “bad”.

As a result, our “growth” includes learning to compromise, repress, and disintegrate from some of our emotional truth.

We “learn” to compromise what we are feeling with something like “I’m fine.”

We “learn” to repress what we are feeling with something like “I’ll get over it.”

We “learn” to disintegration what we are feeling with something like “I can NEVER allow myself to feel that again!”

We are taught to disintegrate from our emotional truth.

An objective, as the child starts to develop communication, is to model the language and gestures for any emotion, especially sad ones, rather than to teach them to repress/shut them down.

Teach them to embrace themselves wholly to remain INTEGRATED with their emotional truth.