We’ve encountered situations in our lives where our complex emotions have surfaced. Perhaps getting the news that you did not get your dream job, accepted to your 1st choice university, the bid for the huge contract went to your competitor, or were just told by your significant other that it’s time to end the relationship.

Then your complex emotions show up.

I’m using the word “complex” instead of “negative” to offer the perspective that the emotion generated by an event can seem “complex” to navigate until we obtain intimacy and mastery of it.

Versus labeling it “negative” to suggest that it’s one to be avoided. That it is “bad” and one that we “should not feel.”

That’s not to say that there's a possibility that the complex emotion won’t feel awful as we get intimate with it, because it may.

What this does offer is a sense of confidence in your ability to handle these types of emotions.

Reflex on a less than wanted past event and the emotion encountered.

How would you like to navigate that emotion in a successful or more successful manner the next time?

What strategies can you integrate now so that you step into the emotion instead of avoid it?

Identify the strategies and commit to their application!

The next time you encounter a situation where a “complex” emotion surfaces you’ll be able to say “Ah, It’s you again. Ok, let’s do this dance!” and navigate it with a little more ease and success.