BUSINESS MASTERY: What business are you in? What business are you REALLY in?

These were two questions that we were asked to ask ourselves to truly articulate the business we are in. Prior to asking this set of questions, I had a vision to be a coach and a therapist. My coach path was already taking shape and my therapist path was about to get started – I had been accepted into University of Texas Master of Social Work program and slated to start September 2018.

When I asked myself the set of questions, specifically the second question “What business are you REALLY in?”, I realized with 100% certainty that my purpose/path is solely in the coaching domain. The idea of being a therapist, prior to the question, granted me the sense that I would be able to provide services on a wider landscape and that was “good and purposeful”. However; my answer to the second question had no indication, zero, nil, nada, zilch, of any elements of the therapy world. IT WAS ALL COACHING!

Within minutes of answering the second question I had: 1) contacted my coach and made him aware that coaching is the business that I am REALLY in and 2) contacted University of Texas to make them aware that I would not be moving forward with their program.

What happened here? A better question was asked which granted me pause and contemplation to provide a better answer.

What happened here? I locked into my purpose on an absolute level and took MASSIVE ACTION!

What happened here? In this moment of my Decision my Destiny was shaped. AND I HAVE NOT LOOKED BACK!!

I have since used this question pairing, in different ways, for myself and others to reveal a higher quality answer.

What relationship are you in? What relationship are you REALLY in?

What are you feeling? What are you REALLY feeling?

What are you doing? What are you REALLY doing?

What do you want? What do you REALLY want?

Try it out. Ask yourself the pair of questions. When you arrive at your response to the “REALLY” question, take the DECISION at that MOMENT to take ACTION!

When would NOW be the best time to do something about it?!?!? The answer is NOW!