This picture captures the essence of what I experience as laughter, song, and dance. It feeds into the "wholehearted" component of my purpose statement: "I Frank, see, hear, feel, and know that my purpose is to lead my life, be complete, and wholehearted."

Integrating "wholehearted" has been and continues to be a choice of exploration, commitment, and in many cases, discomfort. And, on the other side of my discomfort, I have experienced massive freedom.

I've shared about "The Great Setup" – we are taught to renounce, reject, and repress essential emotions that later in life are the very emotions required to create, cultivate, and experience life wholeheartedly and next level connection, impact, and leadership.

The roots of "The Great Setup" experiences vary, and the one that's had the most significant impact in my life has been the narrow definition of masculinity.

My narrative, NOW, of masculinity, REQUIRES that I reclaim my being whole through integration of the entire spectrum of my emotions versus renouncing, rejecting, and repressing as I did for decades.

I've swapped, and continue to, "trying to be cool" – a form of my mask, with embracing and living through "laughter, song, and dance." It takes me stepping into my courage and being brave to claim the emotions that have me experience my "unmasked" way of living. "Yes!" there has been, and I undoubtedly will continue to experience levels of discomforted accompanied though my choice of living "wholehearted."

I'm out to impact in a "wholehearted" way. I'm out to connect in a "wholehearted" way. I'm out to lead in a "wholehearted" way. I'm out to live a "wholehearted" life. Discomfort is part of that equation and, it's 100% worth it!

You have every opportunity to determine if there's a version of "The Great Setup," or whatever term you know or discover it to be, that is true in your life. And, you have the incredible power of choice to develop your narrative that'll be the platform for living your life, an integrated and unmasked life, aligned to what "wholehearted" is for you.