When is the right time to heal from a broken heart? A loss stemming from a person transitioning?

There’s an underlying notion that if your broken heart is healed then you’re moving on and “letting go” of them -- forgetting the person we lost or perhaps dishonoring their existence in our life.

“Letting go” implies forgetting, and the truth is that you’ll never forget the person.

Healing a broken heart grants you emotional completion to the loss event – you’re saying “Good-bye” to the painful event, not the relationship and cherished memories.

If fact, living with a broken heart can make fond memories turn painful.

It’s never too soon to heal from a broken heart.

Stepping towards emotional completion is the result of small actions that reveal perceptions about grief/loss, behaviors, life loss review, a relationship deep dive, recovery, and finally completion.

Are you living with a broken heart?

Consider that it is now time to heal by getting emotionally complete.