Whose permission are you looking for? What do you want permission to do? How long have you been looking for it? What would your life look like if you were granted permission? Would your life THEN BE fulfilled and gratified? What would happen if you dared, TODAY, to give yourself permission to envision the YOU you’ve denied? Oddly enough, WE tend to be the very source that denies OUR permission! “Oh, I can’t dare to wish that for me!” “That’s for other people, not me though.” “I don’t know where to even start…” What would happen if you printed and wrote out your permission slip? For one thing….whatever you want. Perhaps, it’s to go to the park, sit under a tree, and read. Perhaps, it’s to reconnect to YOUR inner spark of painting, photography, writing, dancing, yoga, or playing basketball… what is it for you? Perhaps, it’s to connect to a version of you that’s been screaming to get out. I’m ready to follow my dream of being an author! I’m ready to follow my dream of being in a beautiful and nurturing relationship! I’m ready to follow my dream of being a fireman! I’m ready to follow my dream of being a motivational leader! Perhaps, to elevate to your next level on the growth path that you’re on. Perhaps, it is time to give yourself permission. Print the slip! Think about it! Envision it! WRITE IT DOWN! Then…..ACTION YOUR PERMISSION! It’s time to write out your PERMISSION SLIP for your compelling future.