Timelines… Expectations… Pressure… Non-serving “You should...” Comparison…. Stress… In the midst of all listed above, there is always a CHOICE to rejuvenate. And, it does not HAVE to be a monumental action to have impact. A rejuvenating thought can replenish your emotional batteries. Perhaps the smell of coffee in the morning. Perhaps the sound of ocean waves. Perhaps the laughter of people you love. Perhaps the landscape of a mountain. Any of these thoughts can invoke replenishment any time you choose. Consider doing the following over the next day. Think of something that brings you into a state of calm and ease. Continue to think of it until you feel your body relax. Your shoulders have dropped. Your breaths are long, slow, and deep. Awaken your senses to this state you are in. A rejuvenating state. Got it? Registered? Ok, now throughout the day as you walk through a doorway think back to the experience of your awakened senses. Just for a second or two so that you can re-integrate rejuvenation. My practice of this consists of slowing down as I approach a doorway, take a long inhale as I step though while I am integrating my rejuvenating thought, then follow that up with a long exhale as I drop my shoulders. Put your own spin on it! Perhaps before you get on a call, walk into a meeting, get into your car, start your workout, or yoga class.

Rejuvenate as much as you can so that your emotional batteries are fully replenished.