We may experience a short-term perception of resolution from a struggle by taking actions that are numbing as well as engaging in relationships that are powerless.

What are some examples?

The activity can be “staying busy” as a form of distraction; however this leads to a life of insecurity and emotional repression.

A non-serving relationship pattern can be one of defaulting to a state of “learned helplessness” that calls in the cavalry of well-intended friends/family members to come to the rescue. Attention is received and connection ( I see you. I hear you. I value you.) made; however the struggle is not dealt with. This leads to more helplessness and despair.

We feel different, not better.

You might have talked about it.

Knowledge plus action is the combination to resolution.

The action is the “building” of a resilient spirit.

Building a resilient spirit does consist of saying “I need help.” and then taking responsibility for the actions that will leverage the resources available, use problem-solving skills, cultivate hope, build critical awareness, and take the steps to face and shine your light on that which has been your struggle.