What is the default question you ask yourself when confronted with a situation? The very first one that comes to mind? Does your question shine light on your skills, talents, experiences, and resourcefulness – the abundance of your CAPABILITIES? Or does your question take you down a slow or perhaps fast tailspin of doubt and helplessness – a focus on scarcity? Perhaps it’s the scarcity route and the life-long practice of starting off with this question has become your “normal”. And you may feel disempowered. Here’s a suggestion. Review a past situation and trace the thoughts that started to reveal themselves right before you started to ask the question that takes you down the scarcity path. Examine those thoughts, feelings, and actions – this is your OPENING!

Given this insight ask yourself “What do I already have and know that can help me navigate a situation the next time it presents itself?”

Given this insight ask yourself “What can I physically do, a deep breath or perhaps a step forward, or bring the fingertips of your hands together, as an activity to give me pause and serves as a reminder that I have CONTROL of my responses?”

Given this insight ask yourself “How do I visualize the powerful version of me handling my situations going forward?”

Get intimate with your answers.

So much so that your next situation is met with the your choices.

Then, REVEAL them powerfully!

You ALREADY have amazing capabilities at your disposal… all the TIME!