3️⃣ THE THREE EMOTIONS For decades I would list happiness, gratitude, and calm as my top 3 emotions to experience on a daily basis. I knew that I would have a “connected” feeling when I encountered any of those emotions.

What are your three emotions?

🛑 RESISTANCE Resistance would show up when an unwanted emotion would rear it’s head. The internal chatter would start: “Frank! Don’t be scared!” “Frank! Don’t have fear!” “Frank, Don’t feel nervous!” I was trying and doing anything, ANYTHING!, to resist my feelings! My leading command/instruction of “Don’t” would dominate my focus and therefore my energy.

Hmmm... this resistance thing isn’t really working for me.

Does it work for you?

🛑 DISCOMFORT What if I made a conscious choice to experience discomfort on a daily basis? I’m aware and know firsthand that my breakthroughs, growth, and living to my next level of connection, impact, and leadership are on the other side of discomfort.

I chose happiness, gratitude, and discomfort as my top three emotions.

Which of your three would you replace with discomfort?

👋🏼 THERE YOU ARE This past weekend I had the privilege to speak at a workshop. I could sense that I was about to get called up. The host was setting up the introduction. I could feel my heart rate pick up. A quick tingle of nervousness started to rear its head. I said to myself “Ah! There you are.”

And that was ALL the attention that emotion got from me. Absent was “Frank, Don’t get nervous dude! Stop it! Don’t get nervous! I’m not nervous!”

👍🏼 I choose to acknowledge my emotion instead of resist it.

🤔 How would an acknowledgment of “Ah! There you are.” change experiences for you?

👍 ALONG FOR THE RIDE The emotions and feeling that are part of discomfort will always be along for the ride. We may try to “manage” them by resisting them. And perhaps there are varying degrees of “success”.

🤔 What’s been the “resistance” cost? Yes, cost of your time, energy, and focus?

😎 Perhaps a simple acknowledgement, low cost, and shifting your energy and focus to what empowers you, an investment, is the option to consider.