If you recognize these words then more than likely you are a FIREWALKER!

I had the privilege to be on a fire walk team at Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within - Los Angeles held in March 2019.

I was an anchor 1 position along with a team mate and our role was to bring a person to hard stop after they had walked across a bed of hot burning coals and then yell “Stop! Wipe your feet! Celebrate!”

My teammate and I were in complete service and total awe as each firewalker burst with amazing energy and power as they CELEBRATED!

Celebrating is an acknowledgement of a result and a way to integrate “I’ve done this! I am capable!” into our belief system.

For decades I did not celebrate my accomplishments because of beliefs, rules, and key decisions I adopted and developed over the course of my life.

And so striving for my next goal/accomplishment was accompanied with doubt, fear, worry, and other non-serving emotions and feelings.


Because I did not integrate my accomplishments into my belief system.

Into MY very being!


What’s my move?

I’m taking immediate action of CELEBRATING…TODAY!

It’ll be something like this “Frank. Reflect, what did you do today? What was your impact? What shift for good did you contribute to? Celebrate it dude!”

And then I WILL!

What version of “Stop! Wipe your feet! Celebrate!” can you put in place today so that you integrate your results into your powerful and serving belief system?

Whatever it is… DO IT!