Growing up we are taught how to acquire. Acquire acceptance. Acquire good grades. Acquire an education. Acquire skills. Acquire a partner. Acquire a career.

What we are not taught is how to lose, with emotional completion, that which we have acquired. My understanding and ways of managing loss consisted of intellectual responses and emotional guidance of avoidance and repression.

I learned this as a child and evolved further as I my life took shape through my adolescence, young adult, and adult years.

This impacted me in several areas of my life as I’ve limped along as an emotionally disintegrated person. I’ve participated halfheartedly in areas of life in reaction to decisions, key decision, of grief/loss events driven by my silent objective of “Not to get hurt again!”

My responses sound something like “I’m fine. How are you?” when I was not, oh and by the way… people knew it.

Sound familiar? I participated in the pass-thru of non-serving myths and misinformation about grief and loss Because that’s what I KNEW. Then, I came across a body of work that brings emotional completion to loss events. The body of work taught me how to become emotionally complete, granted me access to re-integrate previously repressed emotions, and has put me on the path to participate fully in life…AGAIN!

It's such a powerful life objective that I embedded it in my purpose statement.

I, Frank, see, hear, feel, and know that my purpose is to lead my life, be complete, and wholehearted. That I AM a vessel of the Divine’s energy in bold, beautiful, and nurturing service to myself and others every single day of my life.

The “be complete” in my purpose statement is about emotional completion.

And, I’ve been stepping into areas of my life which seem new… and it feels GOOD!