Knowing What You Want: Do you answer or respond?

When asked, "What do you want?" What is the basis of your focus to this question?

Are you focused on avoidance or attraction?

Consider that your focus on avoidance or attraction you're respectively providing a response or answer.

A response to the question "What do you want?" may be something like:

🚫 "I don't want to be single."

🚫 "I don't want to be sad."

🚫 "I don't' want to be fat."

🚫 "I don't want to hurt."

🚫 "I don't want to work here."

🚫 "I don't want to be poor."

These are some responses I've heard when I've asked the question.

These are some of the responses I've provided to others in the past.

And, these are some of the responses I've provided to myself.

I'm distinguishing using the word "response" as what they are, responses. Consider that none answer the question.


None of the responses inform/communicate what you want.

Each state what you don't want – this is the avoidance game.

What can you do to shift from a response to an answer?

👍 Get curious about the foundation of your responses. Some may have embedded, deeply embedded, legacy, societal, or key decision anchors. And, they may be showing up as a version, your version, of "The Great Setup."

"The Great Setup" – we are taught to repress, reject, or renounce core emotions that later in life are the very emotions required to participate/live wholeheartedly and have next-level connections, impact, and leadership.

👍 Take responsibility to know what you want. If you're butting up against, "I don't know." Then ask yourself, "What if I did know?" What would be your answer?

👍You're worth it. Already!! So, state what you want!! (The Great Setup, action #1)

The responses above, when shifted to a focus of attraction, can now be something like:

"What do you want?"

✅ "I want to be in a healthy, fulfilling, and engaging intimate relationship."

✅ "I want to experience the entire spectrum of my emotions and have the confidence of knowing that I can manage any of my emotions in a serving and intentional manner.:"

✅ "I want to engage in vibrant purpose and self-care that will grant me acceptance of my body NOW!'

✅ "I want to work in an environment where I am a learner and contributor. That my presence, voice, and work is seen, heard, and valued."

✅ "I want to work to achieve financial freedom by earning a salary of $$/year, investing XX% per pay period, have access to $$ rainy day fund, and a wealth road map I can execute that'll net me $$ by the time I am XX years old."

Knowing what you want. Are you providing a response or an answer?