The WHY?? is coming from an emotional place.

There may be rational and intellectual responses explaining the loss.

However; intellect does not address the emotional hurt.

A father/child conversation about the dog dying.

Child: “Dad, why did Alpo have to die?”

Father: “I don’t know son. It sure stinks that he did and I miss him a lot.”

Child: “Yeah dad, me too.”

A rational explanation of the dog dying from age, a sickness, or an accident will not address the child’s question stemming from the hurt of the loss.

The exchange above does many things:

Connects the father with the child from an emotional place.

Father expresses HIS feelings about Alpo.

The child sees his father’s feelings modeled and communicated.

The child feels safe to express and communicate feelings about the loss.

There may be a very logical and intellectual response to a “Why?” and there may be a better time for that response to be delivered or communication to take place.

However, what a person may be looking for is an emotional connection.

Be a heart with two ears when answering “Why?”.